Monday, April 8, 2013

Are Women Better Marketers?

It's question that i found on WarriorForum thread started by Bayo. It's right then What is my point of view "yes" they are but i don't like to abuse men because I'm also a boy. Women have the advantage but most of people do not know how to use that advantage in a proper process, By the way men are successful so women are willing to challenge with men actually it's the correct post by Bill plat So what do you think? Men or Women :)

Make Some Penny With Me

Hello guys my name is Mohamed Shajid :) From sri lanka and 19 years old. So this is my intro post to my new blog, From this blog you'll learn new link building techniques, social media information and everything about Internet Marketing nothing so far from here at all. We don't talk about unusual stuffs but everything mixed with fun. Thank you for coming but stay with us :)